Trying out Rectangle


I’ve been using the Rectangle window manager for mac for the last couple of weeks and it’s been the most helpful thing since Mission Control (and setting up a hot corner to activate it).

I’ve tried to use full tiling managers before but I’ve found it difficult because 1) Irregularly sized window totally mess up the flow, 2) I am so used to the WIMP paradigm, including moving windows around so I have only been semi-functional with and 3) really weird shortcuts I have to memorize.

I tried sway on my Linux laptop and could never really “get” it – I’m not smart enough, and I didn’t like the idea of using Gnome again because it’s gotten so big, but I’ve recently found great success in using gTile in Cinnamon.

I like apps like Rectangle because they take a middle ground to window management – they don’t have a complex set of layout paradigms they don’t take full assumption of positionin window, and they have very, very name, very easy to learn defaults.