I am Jason Scheirer, a completely unremarkable software developer in the Bay Area initially from the Inland Empire. A rough timeline of my life as a software engineer:

  • Start programming BASIC in elementary school, escalating to pirated QuickBasic and Turbo Pascal, as well as legal but squirrely DJGPP/RHIDE/Allegro
  • Get a part-time job in late high school writing “web applications”
  • Get bored in intro CS classes and change majors to Linguistics
  • Decide that taking a full courseload is for suckers who like sleep and good grades and take on night classes for TESOL at the same time
  • Backpedal and get as much CS coursework done as possible before hitting the unit limit for graduation, managing to squeeze in the minor just in time
  • List about from company to company in SoCal writing software for 10 years, mostly Python/C, mostly geospatial adjacent
  • Move to Bay Area and list about from startup to startup writing software for 6 years and counting, mostly Python

A rough timeline of my entire life, including the future:

  • Born
  • Childhood
  • Early adulthood
  • Adulthood
  • Writing bullet points in a text editor
  • (Speculative) Dead

The theme for this weblog is a fork of smol, built in Hugo, and hosted on Github Pages through the magic of a CNAME. I’m using Plex and Fira Code (both hosted here and not on Google Fonts) so my indulgence of picking custom type shouldn’t hurt the load times of the pages as much as it could.

For diagrams and awrtwork I use Monodraw and an older version of Xara Photo and Graphic Designer. Sometimes The Gimp and Graphviz come along for the party, too.

If I can ask you but one favor, it is this: if you like the site, tell immediate friends and subscribe to it in your favorite RSS reader. Please do not share links to it on any site with a comments section. I do not write to provide Internet Brain Geniuses with material to fractally complain about to feel better about themselves on Social Media. I would rather those people not know I exist.

If this site provides you with value, great. If not, keep in mind I owe you nothing.